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Lash Extensions

Premium, cruelty-free and lightweight

Classic Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

Full Set | $85

Up to 3 Weeks Refill | $45

Approximately 1.25 hours on average for full set and 1 hour for refill. 

Perks: Natural, mascara look. Perfect for those with a full lash line (lucky you), but are naturally stuck with short, or stick straight lashes. 

Hybrid Mixed Extensions

Full Set | $110

Up to 3 Weeks Refill | $65

​Approximately 1.5 hours on average for full set and 1.25 hour for refill. 

Perks: More voluminous than Classic. A blend of volume fans and classic lashes for a fuller yet natural look. Great for those with a sparser lash line but no major areas of gaps. Volume fans last longer than classic single lashes.

Russian Volume Extensions

Full Set | $140

Up to 3 Weeks Refill | $75

​Approximately 2 hours on average for full set and 1.5 hour for refill. 

Perks: Longer lasting glamorous look. Very customizable. Great for those who like the wispy false strip lash look. Volume fans are made by hand during each service so there's no extra layer of glue to weigh your natural lashes down. Those with large gaps of missing lashes can achieve a fuller, natural look easily.

Mega Volume Extensions

Full Set | $175

Up to 3 Weeks Refill | $90

Approximately 2.5 hours on average for full set and 2 hour for refill. 

Perks: A weekend vacation to Vegas - just kidding, no trips included but if you're going you'll look absolutely fabulous! Perfect for those who want to look GLAM and dolled up All. The. Time.

We are no longer offering refills for clients coming back longer than 3 weeks for hygenic reasons. Clients can expect all one week refills to be half priced. 

If you have exceptionally curly or kinky lashes you may expect a longer service time. All volume fans are handmade uniquely for each client depending on the health and length of their natural lashes! 

Any unusual fallouts or unsatisfaction with lashes can be amended in shop up to 5 days post service free of charge. 

Permanent Makeup

The Difference You’re Looking For | Must be 18+

Microblading | $400

Recommended for those who have small areas of sparseness that need to be camouflaged. A very natural look. Not recommended for people with oily skin.

- includes the 4 to 6 weeks touch up session.

Ombre Shading | $400

Great for those who likes the dipbrow makeup look. Be Instagram ready all day every day. Perfect for oily to combo skin.

 - includes the 4 to 6 weeks touch up session.

Microblading and Ombre Shading | $500

A mix between microblading and ombre shading for a more natural but still made up look. Perfect for those with larger areas of sparseness that needs covering up but still wanting the more natural look.

- includes the 4 to 6 weeks touch up session.

Lip Blush Tattoo | $300​

Wake up with your favorite shade of lipstick on. Lip Blush Tattoo is great for people with pale lips or discolored lips. Clients can choose from a variety of customizable colors from pale pink, to your perfect shade of nude, to bold red. Lip Blush Tattoo is not meant to reshape lips but to color them.

Mandatory Touch-Up | included in initial service

After 6 to 10 weeks after Initial Procedure, the client must return for a mandatory touch-up in order to retain the tattoo, and to correct or elongate the tattoo.

Recurring Touch-Ups | $150

Recommended every 18 months

Patch Test and Consultation | $20 
An optional patch test that can be done during a consultation to see if the client has any allergic reaction to the materials that will be used during the actual service.

The payment towards the Patch Test will be used as a credit that will go towards the total cost of the semi-permanent makeup services. This means the $20 Non-Refundable fee will be subtracted from the whole price of the semi-permanent makeup service. 

Contact us for a consultation with a certified technician!


You Deserve The Best

Eyebrows | $20

($10 off with any eyelash extensions services.)
Includes waxing with soft wax specially formulated for sensitive skin (and tweezing if necessary), trimming and optional shade-in with pre-sanitized brow pencil! 

Upper lip | $8

Chin | $7


Whole Face | $35

Under Arms | $20

Brow Tint, Lash Lift and Lash Tint

Long Staying Power for Days

Brow Tinting | $40

Includes brow shaping and waxing if necessary.

Lash Lift | $45

Last Tint | $15

Last Lift and Tint | $60



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